College is tough

College is tough




Wow guys, did everyone make it through this week in one piece?! I feel like the new moon and Uranus energies really pulled at me and ruffled my feathers! Speaking of feathers, I took RuPaul to his first doctor’s appointment on Wednesday and I’m so glad I finally did! He is pretty under weight and has a skin infection of some sort. The avian vet gave me so much helpful information on being a great bird-mom and I’m so grateful for her help! We are switching his diet to help put on weight and get his vitamin intake regulated, plus he’s getting a 2 week run of antibiotics – which he isn’t too keen on, but it supposedly tastes like banana bread so he should be thankful!

Let’s look at last week’s goals real quick:

  1.  Focus my meals around veggies, protein, THEN carbs
    • I ate more veggies this week than recent previous weeks, but still way too high in carbs!
  2. Do homework every single day
    • Ugh! This was easy…I had a LOT of homework. Double, actually, because I’m taking twice as many classes this term!
  3. Call UCSD to ask for surgery date
    • I CALLED!!! They said that they are just waiting on my three-month updated imaging (new echo and a V/Q scan to measure oxygen perfusion) and these tests are scheduled for Thursday! Woo!!
  4. Spend only 1 night away from home
    • Since RuPaul is getting antibiotics twice daily, I didn’t spend any nights away from home this week! It was a little strange, but I got more accomplished!

So I’m realizing that timing is still such a magnificent and perfect factor in my life right now. I was thinking about how much work it is going to school full time again and how it’s going to be really hard to maintain momentum once I’m able to get back to working both jobs. THEN, I realized that I’ve only got a year left of school and that I probably won’t be working full time at my desk job for several more months, let alone back to my 2 job lifestyle! I will be almost done with school by the time I’m physically able to work my 60 hour work week again, so it will be a snap! There is going to be such a bright light at the end of my tunnel that it won’t even matter how hard I’ll have to work to finish!

Now, as usual, I’ll rattle off my goals for the week ahead:

  2. Review any remaining medical bills and pay/make arrangements
  3. Log all my food
  4. Get all of my chores done each day

A couple of these are going to be challenging, but I’m really glad that I can check in here for accountability.


Today, I’m grateful for putting in hard work now so I can reap the benefits.