Happy Sunday, guys!

Last week I had set 3 simple(ish) goals for myself:

  1. Start working on my paper early in the week and have it turned in before Sunday.
  2. Meditate on my affirmation recordings at least 3 nights.
  3. Call my student loans for deferment

I DID start working on my (suuuuuper easy) paper early this week and have it turned in before NOON on SATURDAY!! Holy shit that might be a record (insert praise hands emoji)!

I found that I didn’t stay at my own house much this week so I didn’t do nightly meditation. Though that isn’t much of an excuse because I did manage to play my affirmation recording twice and focus on it…I wouldn’t call it meditation though.

Lastly, I did not call on my student loans. It was on my list to do for Friday afternoon and I’m not sure what happened but I totally didn’t do it. I have it on my schedule to do Monday morning, because it’s important!


This coming week has a lot going on and I’m excited about it! I began a I began intermittent fasting on Thursday with the intent to do one 24 hour “reset” fast. This would consist of me doing a modified fast – modified because I have to eat with some of the meds I’m on right now – where I drink a premixed protein shake with my morning meds and one with my evening meds then basically just water in between. I chose to do this out of desperation because I’m just not maintaining my dietary boundaries while I’m hanging out at home…I tend to do a lot of boredom eating and I’m just not sure why I can’t keep in under control! I figured a reset could somehow help me get my life back together? Clearly, desperate.

Anyhow, I happened to have an appointment with my dietitian that same day and I assumed she’d scold me for fasting. I wanted her opinion anyway so I asked, “What are your thoughts and knowledge on intermittent fasting?”

Then the flood gates opened.

She proceeded to rattle off all the positives that come from intermittent fasting and gut-rest like: reduction in “bad” gut bacteria; increase in “good” gut flora; decrease in ghrelin (the hunger hormone secreted by the gut) production; regulation of other hunger hormones; re-synchronization of the metabolic clock and circadian rhythm; and WEIGHT LOSS! She also dug up an article that her colleague wrote about several types of intermittent fasting and their benefits and supporting/related studies. Granted, the studies were mostly observational and very small sample groups – or done with lab animals – but it sounds promising and totally logical to me!

The type of fasting that drew my attention was Alternate Day Fasting. It is exactly what it sounds like: one 24 hour fast, followed by one 24 hour non-fast, then another fast, and so on. It recommends that women have a small number of calories (less than 500) on the fasting days to minimize the release of cortisol (stress hormone that causes women to hold on to fat) so the fact that I need a couple 160 calorie protein shakes a day is perfect!

I chose Alternate Day Fasting because I have an “all or nothing” mentality. It’s definitely a problem. Like a huge fucking problem, obviously. I just can’t seem to grasp the concept of moderation. In anything. So, I figured that fasting might be an easier way for me to decrease my average caloric intake because, although I’m not restricting the number of calories on my non-fasted days, I’m only eating 50% of the time – thus, 50% of the usual calories, right?!


So, today is Sunday. I started my first fast Wednesday night at 5pm. I weighed myself Friday morning and again this morning and I’ve lost 2.7 pounds. Since Friday.

This. Is. Huge. I’ve been steadily gaining weight since I’ve been home from the hospital… almost 3 months now! I’m really excited that I may have found something that can work for me! I don’t seem to have any problems cutting myself off and not having food for one day, because I know that I can have food the next day. And when it’s time to eat, I haven’t been so ravenous that I eat too much; plus, my stomach shrinks in that 24 hour period when it’s not being packed full of mindless treats, so it can’t hold as much! I really think I’m on to something here! I have committed to the bare minimum of alternating days for one week, at which time I follow up with my weight loss doctor and I’ll see how I’ve done with losing and if she and I are on the same page with this being a sustainable lifestyle.


  1. research dog fostering
  2. research “eating for your cycle” (warming/cooling foods)
  3. have lost at least 2 pounds from 4/26 -5/2

Today, I’m grateful for having time to learn about and be my best self.