It’s good to have goals. It’s okay not to reach them.

It’s good to have goals. It’s okay not to reach them.

Last week I announced my goals for the week. Today, I’m gonna check in on those goals and set some new ones for the week ahead!

Last week’s goals were:

  1. Recommit to blogging. Make at least 2 posts this week.
  2. Have all homework done by Friday.
  3. Make a set of rules for using Spanish with Elizabeth.
  4. Schedule an eye appointment.
  5. Week two of no sugar challenge.

The first goal was easy, I intended to post twice this week and I’ve done that!

The second goal seemed great on paper, but I just didn’t follow through. I finished my last paper for the week this morning – which is still better than last week, when I was submitting my paper just two hours before the cutoff! My weekly homework for the one and only class I’m taking consists of a pre-test, a discussion board post, 2 “thoughtful” replies to classmates’ discussion posts, online lecture and corresponding readings, a critical thinking exercise that is usually in the form of a several-page paper, and finally a mastery test. Every. Fucking. Week. At least I know exactly what to expect, so I can plan for it… I just struggle with focusing. I’m glad I’m only taking one class though because it’s nice to ease back into the routine and discipline of school.

Goal number three hasn’t been done yet either… I’m afraid to use my Spanish because I hate sounding dumb and I have a perfectionist complex… I’m working on it, okay. I VOW to have this set of rules done by tonight. I have absolutely no reason to feel nervous or ashamed practicing my verbal skills; my room mate, Elizabeth, is a Spanish teacher for fuck’s sake! She is super excited to use Spanish at home at even more excited that I want to become more proficient! I’ve been brushing up on my vocabulary by using Duolingo everyday, but it’s definitely not the same as actual conversation.

My fourth goal for last week was to schedule an eye appointment. I finally have a vision plan, for the first time in like 10 years, and I’ve noticed the past several weeks that I have this like grey/black spot in my field of vision…so that’s got me a little nervous. I’m pleased to report that I’ve got my eye exam at 9:00 am tomorrow! They got me in so quickly and easily!

Lastly, I had intended to stretch my modified “no sugar” challenge into this past week, making it two full weeks of no sugary treats, muffins, cookies, cakes, candy, or adding sweetener (including flavor syrups). The first week of April went really, really well with this! My only slip up was that I went to visit my office job and mindlessly snagged a hard candy from their candy bowl. I had it in my mouth long enough to realize how delicious it was, then remembered it’s solid sugar and spit it in the garbage. Sigh. So anyway, since week one went so well, I figured it should be easy peasy to stroll through week two! Wrong. I mean, it wasn’t so much hard as it was me just not committing. I passed on the cookies in my freezer, but I couldn’t say no to the remnants of peanut butter brownies at my friend’s house. It wasn’t even equivalent to a normal sized brownie, but goddamn it was delicious! I also decided that I was going to allow myself one of my freezer cookies (no-bakes that I put in the freezer to preserve) on Wednesday. Then on Thursday, my mom had made like 700 dozen sugar cookies (she’s been practicing her “almost sugar-free” baking since they found out my dad is diabetic – there’s been more baked goods in the house than ever because of this…don’t get me started!) so I ate a sum-total of 6 of them that afternoon. And yesterday, I had two bites of a cinnamon apple cake that my mom had made. Although I didn’t stick to my rules, I do feel that I’ve made some progress and achieved my primary objective in trying to “detox” from sugar: I appreciate and truly enjoy sweets as occasional treats, not as something that I need to have several times a day. I was craving sugar CONSTANTLY for like a month so that’s why I agreed to do this challenge in the first place. Now that I’ve had the chance to recenter on what sweets are supposed to be for, I think I can set more moderation-related goals instead of having my all or nothing mentality.

Now, my goals for the week to come:

  1. Blog at least twice this week.
  2. Begin to write my book.
  3. No sugary snacks.
  4. Implement Spanish schedule.
  5. Log all of my food.