Today’s post is brought to you by the number five

Today’s post is brought to you by the number five

Let’s talk for a minute about numerology. I don’t know a lot about it, so I’d love for anyone to chime in on the comments here… I get my number meanings from Summer, who has done quite a bit of research on Angel Numbers, specifically. I’ve been noticing, through this long process of being ill, that there are several synchronicities popping up for me. The most prominent being the number 5 – particularly in the form of 1+4. My first room number was 5711 (5+7+1+1=14; 1+4=5), the access code for people to call and get info on me also added up to be 14, plus every other room I was in had either a 5 in the room number, and/or added up to 14. These synchronicities were absolutely undeniable!

I called on Summer to see if she could find me a meaning for the number 5 and if there was a meaning for the number 14. What she told me next, brought me to tears.

The number 5 speaks to continuing my hard work, not giving up, and having faith that everything is working in my favor and it will all pay off.

The number 14 is a message from the angels to say that I need to keep my focus and I’m not alone; that they are here to help me manifest.


These numbers kept coming to me. Even now that I’ve been home for 2 weeks, the numbers keep showing up! For example, a week or so ago, Summer suggested I schedule an astrological chart reading so I picked the first available date. I just noticed, yesterday, that the date I selected, the first available at the time, was the 14th.

I’m a huge believer in synchronicities, especially now that I’ve found them and they’ve provided such strong validation. I’m not quite sure what to do with the information though. I mean, when I first went into the hospital, it was under the pretense that my prognosis was really good and it would be a relatively quick resolution. This made me think that my “hard work” was in manifesting my Big Dream. Every day, my condition changed, as did my prognosis. My “hard work” has started to look a lot more like recovering my health, rather than realizing my dreams.

I know that I’m supposed to be learning something earth-shattering and profound during all of this because it’s been (and continues to be) a total upheaval of my entire existence. I’m being forced to slow down, not allowed to work, I have to be extra mindful of literally every step I take, so as to not over exert myself. I’m assuming that my lesson has to do with mindfulness and focus. I’ve been on autopilot for so long, that I don’t truly appreciate what my life is in the present. I’m always looking toward my goals and never fully taking in the glory of where I’m at currently.

As a spiritual side note: when I was in the emergency room and the doctor came in to explain the findings of the CT, it was a total déjà vu moment. So, I know that I’m on the exact path, now, that I’ve set for myself. Maybe this was a precautionary measure I planned if I strayed too far from the main path? In any event, I’m trusting that my “hard work” – whatever that may apply to – will pay off and I’m keeping my faith in the Universe. I’m focusing on trying to appreciate where I’m at now and looking for all the positives in being forced to slow every part of my life down.

Today, I’m grateful for my faith.

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