My *Big Dream*

My *Big Dream*

It’s old news that I’ve been reading Manifesting Made Easy, but I haven’t really gone in-depth on any of the work I’ve been doing around it. Today, I’m going to tell you about my Big Dream.

In the early part of the book, one of the exercises is to get “crystal clear” on what you want out of life; if there were no limitations on your life and if you were fully supported by the Universe in all conceivable ways, what would your life look like? Jen, the author, encourages journaling and there are writing activities to do every two or three pages… This one took me the longest to put onto paper.

I started by meditating and visualizing what, if money were of no concern whatsoever, I would want to spend my days doing. That sure seemed easy, but it was SO hard for me to let go of that tiny, annoying voice in the back of my mind that says, “but where does the money come from?” Money was not part of this portion of the exercise, dammit!

I was finally able to see, and feel what it would be like to just spend my days loving on and caring for animals! THIS was my future! I’ve known for a long time now that I needed to figure out how to make a living out of snugglin’ animals. Now, I am finally able to look at this as a reality – as my truth.

Cool, so I know what I wanna do all day. Now it’s time to expand a bit: other than animal snugs, what does my life look like? What do I look like? Who am I with? Where am I? What is the climate? What do I have? What does my daily routine look like? What do I do to give back?

This took me a solid week to be able to fully visualize and appreciate, then put down on paper.

Here is my *Big Dream* in it’s entirety:

I live in a Spanish speaking country with my perfect-match husband who may or may not be a veterinarian. We own a villa on the beach with lots of property that expands back into the forest area. We use our property as an animal rescue and sanctuary for homeless and neglected animals from all over the world, though our main focus is Central and South America. I’ve begun blogging about our adventures and experiences and have gained a large following and many donations and sponsors for our rescue – because of our love of animals and commitment to spreading knowledge and care, we’ve been given our own television show! We make more than enough money from the blog and TV show to be able to provide free veterinary services, regularly, throughout our region. We also make quarterly visits back to the states to coordinate free vet clinics for the homeless population and their pets on the West Coast. Because of our exposure from the TV show and our presence across the Americas, the founder of my choice pet food, Halo, has contacted us and has offered to provide supplies for our cause. Ellen DeGeneres has asked to partner with our animal rescue to provide food and supplies for homeless and neglected animals throughout North, Central, and South America!! Because I am so successful and have found a way to use my passion to give back to the world, I am deeply happy and always have a feeling of satisfaction and genuine gratitude. I am worry-free, healthy, fit, and in love with my life – every bit of it.

Today, I am grateful for being able to dream big and achieve those dreams.