I’m becoming one of *those* people…

I’m becoming one of *those* people…

You guys! I’ve recently been diving head-first into manifesting my best life, and it’s actually changing me at my core!

First, let me explain the book I’m currently reading (thanks to Summer’s suggestion). It’s called Manifesting Made Easy, by Jen Mazer and it goes in depth about the basic laws of attraction and how to raise your own vibrational frequency to manifest everything you’ve ever wanted. That’s how I got caught up in the 7-day Manifestation Challenge! And, if you aren’t already privy to the whole raising your vibrations idea, basically you just do that through expressing gratitude in all things and pretty much just consciously putting positive energy out into the Universe.

So, through reading this book (and other books along the same lines), I’ve found myself truly embodying the idea of raising my frequency. I find myself saying things like, “I sure hope they’re happy” and “what are the good things that are coming from this seemingly unpleasant situation?”

I’m finding ways to be grateful for hitting every red light on my way to the gym in the morning. I’m finding it easier to brush off those strangers who are unreasonably rude and intolerable. AND, my greatest notable Zen-win happened yesterday!

I was driving to work (a few min late, as usual… I really need to work on this!) and a busted-ass small red pickup came speeding around me and cut me off. Okay, like I totally get being in a hurry and needing to merge in super quickly – that road is kind of a pain, and I like to hurry when I’m goin’ places! Um, but not only did he cut me off, but he slowed WAAAAAAY down. Like the speed limit is 30. He dropped down to 17 mph.

My normal reaction in this situation is to visually display full fucking RAGE. Not this time. I mean, I totally tailgated him, cause that’s kinda what I do, but I didn’t honk or make hand gestures or flail my arms about in a theatrical performance like I normally would. I followed him at 17 mph for about 2 miles, when he turned into the employee parking for the State Hospital. It was at that point that I sincerely and deeply wished for him to find the kind of happiness in his life that could replace his need for that kind of control.

It gave me peace to forgive myself for normally wanting to get super worked up and freak out. It also felt really good to extend that sincere positive energy to that man, who was obviously already having a rough day.

This type of mind-set has really been at the forefront of my awareness lately and it’s something that I’ve noticed in other people in years past and been like, “naive hippies… so ignorant and unaware!” but come to find out, it’s a conscious choice to not let things bring me down and to project genuine good energy and vibes out into the Universe!

I’ve officially started to become “one of those people” and I couldn’t be happier about it!


Today, I’m grateful for having self-awareness and the ability to change my negative thought patterns.