Happy brand new year!

Happy brand new year!

I absolutely love a fresh, new year! I’m starting 2018 with a 7 day manifesting challenge. Yesterday the assignment was to declutter… well, I’ve been decluttering for years now, and almost everything I own has at least one specific use of brings me joy. However, I’ve been planning to get a new mattress for a few months now and just haven’t gotten around to it. I am moving in 25 days and I definitely wasn’t going to bring that bed with me. So I got rid of it!

Lemme back up a little… I’ve realized that the Universe is using birds to communicate with me. Not like sending a messenger pigeon or anything, but like I always find myself being awestruck by birds when they’re flying or if they’re in a flock, and I’m drawn to raptors because I think it’s fascinating and beautiful that such a powerful animal can appear to be weightless in flight! So anyway, I was driving home from Portland yesterday and I was focusing pretty hard on what to do with my bed. I was processing the thought of selling it now and just sleeping on my floor till I move and, obviously, everything would work out and my mattress would come to me…then, perched majestically on the freeway median, was a fucking hawk. A HAWK.

I read you, Universe. Loud and clear.

When I got to my parents’ house, I was telling my dad my plan to put my bed up for sale immediately so that I can be open to accept my new mattress when it came for me, my little brother came in. He marched trough the living room, opened the door to the spare room and shouted, “hey Dad, what are you planning to do with this bed?”

I looked at my dad, smiled and said, “oh, do you need a bed?”

“Maybe. Do you have a bed to get rid of?”

“I’ll sell you my bed, box spring, and frame for $40 if you come get it.”

“Sold. I’ll be over tonight to get it.”

Bam. Just like that, I made a decision and opened up to the Universe and the Universe provided.

My sweet baby brother even brought me an air mattress to use till I move!

So, here I am, acknowledging my signs from my Universe and remaining open to manifesting everything I want.

Next on my list is:

  1. Mattress
  2. $2100 every 8 weeks for tuition
  3. Earning enough from a side job to be able to quit a main job

Today, I’m thankful for being eternally loved by this Universe and knowing that everything is working out in my favor.