Oh, THAT opposition…

Oh, THAT opposition…

Remember when I said that, astrologically speaking, I was supposed to be in a month-long opposition, but I felt like I was totally killing it at life? Well, I didn’t quite make it out scot-free.

Yesterday morning, at about 1:45, I awoke to an unfamiliar urgency. I wasn’t quite sure what was happening, but I just knew that if I didn’t get out of bed immediately, really really bad things were going to happen. That urge, my friends, led me to the bathroom.

I. Had. The. Flu.

Okay, I sorta knew this was coming, so I cancelled my 5am workout and set my alarm for 6am so I could call into work.

When my alarm went off, I let my boss know that I had contracted the Black Plague and that she should probably burn the office down, as my germs were likely on every square inch of the place. Then I went downstairs to move my car to where it is supposed to be parked during the weekdays. I unlocked my car, got the ice scraper from the backseat and began scraping a small spot for me to see through….I didn’t bother warming up the car cause I only had to move it like 100 feet from the parking lot to a street-parking spot. I put my scraper back in it’s spot and opened the driver side door. There were napkins in the driver’s seat and my first though was, “wow, was I that tired when I got home last night?” Then I saw there were more napkins in the passenger seat, as well as gloves from my glovebox (huh, I didn’t realize it, but I literally use my glove box for gloves!) and some air freshener refills. I looked about 3 times at the passenger door window before I realized there WAS NO FUCKING WINDOW!!!

There I stood. In my pajamas and puffy vest. Trying not to shit my pants while sobbing and yelling WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? IS THIS A JOKE?

After what felt like an hour but was probably only 2 minutes, I got into my napkin and glass covered car and moved the poor thing to its designated weekday spot. I took note of a few quick things that had been taken – and some major thugs that had not.

The thieves – if you can even call them that – took the following items:

  • A small paper bag of finely shredded papers I was planning to use to make a bird toy
  • My auto insurance card and registration
  • The spare set of house/car keys to Summer’s mom’s estate (but no way to know where the locks to those keys are located)
  • 2 year-old scratch it tickets worth about $7 total
  • A Yellow Pages phone book, which I was also planning to use for RuPaul
  • And, the thing I’m most pissed about: a cute tote bag (that I got for free) with the doterra binder I had spent hours assembling – which included labels with my name, phone number, email, and website. The tote also contained a few other items from cleaning out my car.

So now, let’s check out the things in my car that they did NOT take:

  • Super sweet Columbia ski mittens
  • Multi-layered Columbia ski coat
  • Columbia raincoat
  • 4 Case Logic CD wallets full of CDs (is the tech outdated??)
  • And my bike. Yes I had my bicycle in the back of my car

Sooooo what the fuck dude? These guys broke my window to steal some random keys and a god damn Yellow Pages book?! Enough to fuck with me but not enough for them to gain anything. Alrighty then.

Well, I messaged some friends to see what I’m supposed to even do with this mess. They all said I needed to call non-emergency police, then file a claim with my insurance. Okay… so I called the police and they took some info. Then, I went back to bed.

At 830 I text my insurance agent, who is actually a friend from Dutch that I worked with a couple years ago. Ally had signed me up for my auto insurance plan just a few months ago and she talked me into a couple small add-ons That Country Financial offers. She said she would contact their claims department right away and take care of everything for me.

Thank the Universe, because I couldn’t stay out of the bathroom long enough to hold a phone conversation.

Throughout the day, I’d had a few deliveries of sick people provisions: 7up and ramen, ginger ale and club crackers. I’d also had several people text to check in on me. It was nice to have that support, cause when you’re single and live alone, there’s no one to tuck you in and feed you soup!

Last night, I got a call from my claims adjuster who asked me a few questions to confirm info she’s gotten from Ally, then she patched me through to the auto glass claims people who said that because I’d signed up for the auto glass add-on, it would be covered at 100% and my deductible would be waived! Oh glorious wonderful news!! They coordinated with a glass repair shop near my home, and as I write this, I’m siting in their waiting room while they replace the window and vacuum up all the glass bittles from the break in.

I was so deeply overwhelmed with the idea of trying to deal with my flu and car break in, but my insurance and friends made it so much easier than I’d anticipated!

Today I’m grateful for my network of friends and connections.