Strong women lift each other up

Strong women lift each other up

While making next week’s spread in my calendar today, I was putting in my appointments – and simultaneously scheduling a few more – and I suddenly found myself filled to the brim with gratitude! I had been chatting with Summer about meeting with her to play with essential oils, right after scheduling a date with one of my oldest friends, Jen, and realized that I am in a place in life where I have the most unbelievably supportive, unshakable, important female friendships. I can count on any one of the women in my life to be there for me and support me no matter what. I’ve managed to hang on to a handful of truly phenomenal women and forge these invaluable relationships and I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude about it!

One of those truly phenomenal women, and my biggest supporter, is Summer; my wife. She and I met when I decided to join a start-up skate club/would-be roller derby team. She was the president and I didn’t even know how to skate. What’s even more interesting is that I don’t remember interacting with her a lot until after the skate club dissipated, about a year later. When I think of my friendship with Summer, I just feel that it’s always been – I don’t remember when we started hanging out and getting closer. I don’t remember the development of the relationship at all, I just have it in my head that we’ve always existed like this, though I know that’s not true – we only met in 2010!

Summer and I have, over the years, grown in parallel. That is to say, we’ve both matured and grown in our own unique areas at roughly the same rate. We have maintained similar mindsets on many things, and when our views differ, we learn because we both have the ability to look through someone else’s eyes. When Summer and I took our vacation to Mexico in August (pictures below!) she was in a strange place in her life. Her relationship was rocky, she was unhappy in her career, she was burnt out on her life. She started reading this sort of “self help” book called You Are A Badass. She would talk about the revelations she had while reading or the ideas that were discussed in the book and it was truly eye opening! She was inspired by this book and remained 100% open to whatever it had to say. It became her bible.

Through reading this book, she found the courage to leave her job; let her relationship come to an end; and entertain the idea that she could make lots of money by doing something she loved instead of staying, unsatisfied, in her career path. Now, so many people in the world would say, “That is crazy and so irresponsible! How is she going to live?!” I said, “Fuck yes! This is exactly what you need in your life!”

Our society has, somehow, turned into this culture of fear of the unknown. We are conditioned to believe that we – especially as women – cannot make it on our own and if we do get to a place where we have job security and are able to make ends-meet, then we should never throw that away! We encourage each other to stay in our unfulfilling jobs, our unhappy (or even abusive) relationships, or whatever other stagnant area we are “safe” in by tearing down the ideas of what it might be like to make a change!

I say, fuck that!!

The cliche says success is on the other side of your comfort zone and I subscribe 100% to that saying! We are kept complacent when we are just barely meeting requirements, but what if we want more? If any part of your soul desires more that what you’ve already got going on, then pursue it! If your friends and family think you’re crazy and don’t support your happiness, then to hell with them! Find and surround yourself with people who encourage you and lift you up! Whether your soul’s desire is to lose weight, make a career change, save the wales, make millions of dollars being an underwater basket weaver, or give away all your worldly belongings and move to the Himalayas to become a monk… it is your purpose in this life to do what makes your heart and soul happy! You must find, and hold tight to, the people who have wide-open, like-minds.

Strong, successful, truly happy people lift each other up, not tear each other down.

Today I am grateful for strong, like-minded women. 

at PDX ready to ir a la vacaciones

Lunch date in Mexico

poolside with You Are A Badass