Holiday eating doesn’t have to be hard

Holiday eating doesn’t have to be hard


Well, here I sit, on the eve of Thanksgiving – the first holiday of the “holiday season” and the kickoff of the season of overeating. Anyone who struggles with their weight is most likely having mixed feelings about tomorrow. We are excited about the gatherings and the delicious, seasonal foods that everyone makes; but we are also apprehensive about what to wear, how we look, people seeing us eat, are we eating too much, and I haven’t seen some of these people in a year and I’m no thinner than I was the last time we got together.

Holiday seasons are so challenging! Overindulgence is so easy this time of year, what with the office goodies flooding in, the pot luck parties and cocktail shindigs. When you’re trying to make changes in your life to lose weight, reform a healthy relationship with food, reformat your self-talk to be more positive, or to just learn that it’s okay to decline food, the holiday season is a true test to your self-control and to your overall journey. I got a really helpful handout from my weight loss clinic that gave Tips for Holiday Eating. I’ve included this at the end of this post.

My two favorite tips are “don’t arrive hungry” and “bring your own beverages” because we are conditioned to come to these events hungry so that we have room to eat a lot and because it’s customary to bring something to these gatherings and beverages are inexpensive and a hidden calorie bomb!

By not arriving hungry, you can ensure that you’ve eaten well-proportioned meals beforehand and you’ll be less likely to overeat at the gathering. Beverages are the biggest secret calorie bomb… people often forget to count the calories that they’re drinking, or underestimate the caloric value of their drinks. By offering to bring the refreshments, you can control those sneaky calories that go down the easiest.

In any event, I’ve got a day full of meals and get-togethers tomorrow but I’m starting with a 7am HIIT workout.

Today I’m grateful for extra support.

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