The Owl and the Lioness

The Owl and the Lioness

I mentioned that I’ve been dreaming a lot lately; I LOVE that my brain is hard at work, processing what’s been running through my waking mind and looking for solutions in my subconscious while I sleep! A few nights ago, I dreamt that I was walking through a jungle-type forest and I saw a lioness (not a lion, but a lady-lion!) doing something – I can’t remember what – in the clearing ahead where the forest ended. I remember being excited to see this magnificent creature, but when she saw me and started to move in my direction, I stepped behind a tree with vines to be out of her sight. I wasn’t so much frightened, as cautious. She stopped, turned back around and continued whatever it was that she was doing.

I also remember another dream from that night wherein an owl was perched confidently on my forearm. I recall being neither frightened nor excited (excitement would be my real-life reaction to being allowed to interact with such an animal). That was all that I could remember of this dream.

Once I took note that I had dreamt of two pretty specific and powerful animals, I decided to look up the symbolism in my (many) dream interpretation books. I learned that one of the things a lion represents is fear and that if you are afraid the lion will attack you, it symbolizes your own fears and anxieties in waking life. So I think that because I wasn’t afraid, that it means I’m finally moving through my deep seeded fears. Another interpretation of seeing lions in your dreams is that it suggests physical strength and success in your waking life; and also suggests self-assertion, or the need for it. I’ve been doing a lot of work related to finding my passions and true calling and I’ve been doing even more work on healing my soul. I definitely believe that these particular meanings ring true for me.

The owl is a bit more difficult to interpret. It is said that, because owls can see crystal-clear in the dark, they represent your intuition – your ability to really see what’s going on deep in your mind, heart, and soul. Owls also symbolize death. This death can be interpreted either literally or metaphorically; because I’ve been presented with two literal deaths in the past month, this could be the reason for my owl; however I believe that this particular death symbol is regarding closure of long-buried trauma. I was neither overjoyed nor fearful, and I think that this speaks to the fact that, although I’m not quite at peace with my past, I’m moving forward and healing because that’s just what needs to be done: it isn’t yet joyful, but it isn’t scary anymore.

Having dreamt of both a lioness and an owl in the same night, and the interpretations behind those symbols, I firmly believe that my subconscious is screaming to me that it is time for me to embrace the healing, stay strong, and remain focused.

Today, I am grateful for the ability to listen to myself.

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