My cup runneth dry

My cup runneth dry

On the weekends, I serve coffee. I’ve worked for this company for 2 1/2 years now and I absolutely love the culture and atmosphere! It truly is a family and I’ve never felt it so strongly as I did today.

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve worked because I was off for my grandma’s stuff. When I came in to work my 8 to 5 shift today I was greeted with the warmest enthusiasm I’ve ever experience when walking into a job. Everyone gave me an extra long hug and welcomed me back and said how excited they were to work with me. Now, this isn’t too far off from the normal greeting we give most of our coworkers, but I felt the extra love radiating from everyone. They were genuinely happy that I was back to work!

Have you ever been spread so thin, given so much, that you’ve reached bottom and couldn’t give anymore? That’s where I was the night I got back to Salem after my grandma died. I sobbed, uncontrollably, the whole 6 hour drive back, and while driving on autopilot I found myself parked at my coffee stand and walking inside. Tears streaming and borderline hyperventilating.

I had absolutely. No. More. To. Give. I had to stop and get my house keys from my best friend just before I got there, but I didn’t even have it in me to have a conversation with her. All I knew was that I needed loved on and a warm hug to sob and snot into. My Dutch Fam had never seen me like this before and it was shocking – at least that’s what some of their faces said! – but they all just loved on me and let me do my grossest ugly-cry into their shirts while they squeezed me and told me how amazing I am and how much I’m loved.

I’m starting to tear up just writing about it now!

There’s a company philosophy, or motto, that talks about filling people’s cups with love. We all have our own proverbial cup and it’s always at varying levels of fullness. When our cup is full, we can use it to pour into others! But when our cup is empty, we’ve got nothin to pour out! So, our customers come to us, sometimes with their own cups full and happy to pour love into us, but often their cups are running low. These customers know that we are in the business of coffee (obviously) and love! That’s why they come to us. I realize exactly how cheesy this sounds from the outside, but it truly is genuine and that’s what makes it so special!

So, since the night I got back from Prairie City, I’ve been slowly filling my cup back up. It was bone-fucking-dry. I did things that made me happy, like cleaning and organizing my apartment, I had a wife date with Summer and we got our nails done, I snuggled in my flannel sheets with my cats. I built (well, assembled) RuPaul’s new mansion, and I spent extra time with those people in my life who go out of their way to make me happy and feel good about myself. My cup was very nearly back to baseline-fullness. Then I went back to coffee work today.

I walked in, and it was like I was home again. My cup was finally topped off and running over. I’m back to my normal, happy, loving, giving self and it feels so so good! I’ve never felt an empty cup before, but I’m glad I know how to refill it.

Today, I’m grateful for the love of my Dutch family.