If you listen closely, the Universe speaks

If you listen closely, the Universe speaks


I’m Regina, and this is my blog. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about when I decided to start this venture, but I had a deep urge to write and share. While writing this introduction, the theme has been clearly presented to me by the universe: Gratitude.

And what I mean by “clearly presented” is, while I sat in my bed, letting my cat take possession of my keyboard as a lounge for a bit, I looked over at a shelf I have with a few viney plants on it. One vine, on one plant, on one shelf was…. Moving! And not just slightly, like when you stare at something that has died and you think you can see its chest rising – as if to take a breath. This movement was that of the bouncing foot belonging to a gossiping secretary sitting cross-legged while filing her nails. I looked around to see if there was a fan on or window open causing a breeze; nope. Was a cat sitting on the bottom shelf having a bath and shaking the structure? Again, nope. I watched, for what felt like an eternity, as the leaves on the vine bounced. It was in this “eternal” moment that I began to cry; I took notice of the exchange of energy between myself, the plant, and the universe… and I was overcome by a fierce wave of gratitude! I’ve never been so aware of my connection to Source Energy and the Universe. I am thankful for this awareness and I want to continue feeling this kind of gratitude. Enter: my blog theme.

I’ll be writing a lot about my health and wellness journey, which will likely include some food pictures and recipes and some discussion about my workouts, but mostly I want to focus on the mental health aspect of wellness and how gratitude has become a central, driving theme for me. I will also focus a lot on my journey to becoming the best possible me I can be; which involves a lot of introspection and reading into signs from the Universe. I’ve come so, so far in my 31 years of life and I feel the need to share my experiences – struggles and victories, as well as some seemingly irrelevant events – in the world, in the hope that people, even just one single someone, might relate and gain something from my writings.

Today, I am grateful for the opportunity to share my life with people.